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Hello my name is Paula and I love all things random.
**You will see me post Fashion, Peacocks, Harry Potter, and mostly food but I will always be true to myself. I love to answer questions and I am hoping I'll be married to my fiance in 2015
**I also have pen pals, lots of them and I run The Place for Pen Pals. If you want to be pen pals with me just message me :-)


There ain’t no party like a Capulet party, ‘cause a Capulet party introduces the plot

  • It’s 11 pages long, and sadly I didn’t have the textbook so I had to do everything from memory of our lectures.
  • I also am doing a power point of the school I went and did my service learning at. 
  • I still need to write an article review so I won’t be sleeping tonight. 
  • Oh and I still need to skip college and go back to the high school to do service hours because I was shorted hours. YAY!
  • So yes I will be snarky and hungry and feeling awful.


"My husband knows I’ve had a bad day if he comes home and I’m reading Harry Potter.” — my art history teacher

Art by Heather Theurer

#Watermelon for #breakfast

#Watermelon for #breakfast


Alexandra Sherbakova


"Snow White" - Adi Gill photographed by Wyn Wiley for Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company