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So last night I told my mom that I wanted to move out.

It went pretty well.

I have to give her a date.

She wants me to go to the justice of the peace.

I said no.

I told my fiance and he said he’ll wait and see. Last time I tried this I chickened out. So he said to pack my boxes and make sure we move out everything on a single day.

My dream wedding

The Dress

Right now I’m stuck between three dresses because the orginal dress I wanted is no longer produced. I have two I haven’t seen and one I have tried on.

Dress one - click here I haven’t tried it on but I like it a lot.

Dress two - click here I haven’t tried it on but it would be a safe and pretty pick.

Dress three - click here I tried on one very similar to this and I liked it but it won’t be the one I choose.

The Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor.

I haven’t any idea of who will be my bridesmaids but I know who I want to be my Maid of Honor and my Matron of honor. I know what style of dresses I want them to have.

My maid of honor and matron of honor will have the same dress. It will be floor length. I have always wanted that. - Click here. My matron of honor has stated she wants sleeves, she can get a jacket or bolero.

My bridesmaids will probably get a shorter dress in the same color, I adore this one. Click here. If any have any objection they can find a dress of the similar fabric, and color and hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle. I just think it looks pretty but you never know with people especially since I haven’t picked them.

The whole gift to my bridesmaids I don’t even know yet. I was thinking of a necklace or pearl necklace. We’ll see later.

The Groom and The Best Man and the Groomsmen

This is not my area of expertise, but I know that my Fiance has this taken care of. I really don’t want the suit and tie/bow tie only for the Groom and the Best man during the Ceremony. I don’t like it or nor see the need. 

The Groom & Best Man will probably wear a Tux with a black vest under it. I don’t know the color of the suit I really liked a grey color but you never know. 

See Picture to see how I want it to look.

Or this is an option

The groomsmen will be in light pink vests matching the bridesmaid. That’s how it shall be.

I think my soon to be Groom wanted to give pocket watches as a gift to his Groomsmen. Click here to see the idea.


My ideal ceremony would be at the church were I was baptized and confirmed. I would love to be married there but we’ll have to see how things go. If they continue to be closed minded and ignorant I’ll get married elsewhere. Since my groom has “no faith” we have to see what we can or can’t do there.

To see what it looks like from the outside - click here.

To see what it looks like inside, it’s not a good photo but it has three sections so I would have to see what to do about who goes down which of the two aisles. click here.


I do want the reception and the ceremony separate. I know the dinner hall with the church is not adequate for the party. It wouldn’t hold 80 to 100 people comfortably so we will have to see where we will do it. It has been brought up doing it in a hotel ballroom since some of our guests will be flying in, we might be able to get a good deal. We are still open to discussion we just have specific areas we don’t want to have our wedding at.

Reception - Details

Theme - we wanted cherry blossom but I am now reconsidering it because cherry blossoms are hard to acquire and I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on flying flowers out that will only last a day at most. We might do a loose interpretation on Cherry Blossom. Are only theme we are against is Harry Potter and I don’t like that but I’ll live cause I know he isn’t getting no damn World of Warcraft Wedding.

Color Scheme - I know it will be very light pink and white. Hubs and I have agreed on that.

Decoration - a lot of my old decoration ideas included have flowers in vases and involved lots of small decorations for people to take home like a fortune cookie at one point, cherry blossom oragami, but if we change the theme we will have to see.

Food - we know we want either buffet style or a formal dinner (white glove). We know we want a cocktail hour because we have been to a couple of weddings where there was a lot of down time. We didn’t enjoy the wedding we went to that was in a restaurant because the portions were small and the food was terrible.

Cake - I have said from the begging that I want cupcakes. The only cake we will have is the cake we cut and the rest will be cupcakes. I think it’s original and that people of all ages will enjoy it. 

Kids? - we will probably have a kid friendly reception. Many of our family members have small kids and some of them have to come or their family can’t come. 

Guests - we want 80 - 100 people. 

Music - we went to one wedding with loud music that was pretty stereotypical and we went to one wedding with no music at all and then a tribute band. We want our DJ to really play a mix of fun dance music, classic songs and sprinkle in the “LATIN” music.I do not dance but I have to dance since I’m getting married.

Photography and Video - I know we are getting our Wedding Announcement pictures taken because I want that. I think we will probably have two photographers because my fiance’s friend is a photographer and he will probably be there when the groom and his guys are getting dressed and I’ll have one with me when my party is getting dressed. And the one with me will be the photographer for the rest of the wedding. Video, I’m not sure we haven’t discussed this, I want a video but when my cousin married his video took almost 3 months to come out and it wasn’t the best. We will seriously look into this at a later date.


I have said this time and time again I do not know when or where I will be going on my honeymoon. My hubby has said that is his department and he will be in charge of that. It has been a surprise and will continue to be. No one in his family and especially mine no where he is taking me.


In case you guys and girls didn’t know I want to be wed on April 20th. It is the day we met, the day we became girlfriend and boyfriend, the day he proposed to me. It will be the day we wed. However in 2015 it will be a monday and we can’t get married in 2015 it will be too soon. However I have been looking at 2016, although it is on wednesday. We could married at the court in the middle of the week and have our celebration that weekend it would be the best course of action. I want it to be in the books on that day, april 20th.

So I guess that’s it for right now, a lot of this planning can’t go into effect until I move in with him. I really want to marry him and he wants to marry me and this is all I have planned for right now. Hopefully with time I can add or subtract from this post. You never know, a wedding is just a celebration of two souls becoming a union. In my heart he is already my hubs but I’m waiting for the day that everyone knows it too.

ugh I miss him. Do i really want to call and wake him up again…probably just sit and wait.
I need to make that dream wedding post again. It’s good to dream and be hopeful that one day it’ll happen.